Photo gallery

Abuluka Fungom - Mo guarding his home.

Multi Ch. Abuluka Gobu & Abuluka Ittu 3 BIS Brace at International Show of Gent (Belgium).



Ch. Abuluka Godogodo (Gobi) BOB & Slovakian Champion in Trenčin (Sk) & Abuluka Ikuzu BOB & 3 BOG in Mouscron (B)


Abuluka Kosimo having the time of his life running on the beach.


Abuluka Cabidi - Kimba

Saying HoHoHo Merry Christmas to all

Abuluka Ikassa & Abuluka Jekejeke with Lea

Abuluka Korleone

"Hi guys, only 9 days old but watching you!"


Venise - Multi Ch. Boxing Helena's Gala de Dia - 50 days pregnant.

Venise - Multi Ch. Boxing Helena's Gala de Dia - 59 days pregnant.



I really love you - But not always - Going for the kill

Abuluka Jekejeke & brother Abuluka Jenge in action

Winter fun

Christmas 2010

Biss - Ch. Klassic's Abuluka Lele & Biss - Ch. C-Quest's Echo of Eldorado

BOB/BISS & BOS at BKD Club Match with Judge Mrs. Phyllis Poduschka-Aigner (A)


Multi Ch. Abuluka Disanka (Chagga) living in Hannut (B).


Abuluka Ikokolemu & Ch. Klassic's Abuluka Lele BIS Brace at Douai (F).


Abuluka Itsha, living in the north of the Netherlands.



Sir Congo the Third (Abuluka Herero) during the "Boxing Helena's" walk at the Lommelse Sahara


Abuluka Ithuri (Cara) & Muka sharing their bed in Lommel (B)

Abuluka Ikele (Hanna) with cat Smiela in Germany.


Abuluka Fongoro (Kongo) & Multi Ch. Abuluka Ditamba (Zulu) at the Belgian Coast in winter.



So you think I'm sweet, don't forget I'm a wild animal! (Abuluka Ikuzu 2 weeks old)


Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde



The first snow has fallen in Belgium and the dogs just love it.


December 5th 2009, the final days of the pregnancy of Kara & Lele


Ingrid with Venise (Multi Ch. Boxing Helena's Gala de Dia) winning BOB, Bundessieger & 3BOG in Dortmund.


Faro & Pemba: BIS Pair in Metz (F)            Kasai & Bembe: BIS Brace in Metz (F)



Impressions of the show in Split, Croatia 2009-07


Abuluka Hasha (Hasha)

Abuluka Hutu (Pemba) & Abuluka Gogo (Faro)

Ortwin winning 3 BIS Brace with Pemba (Abuluka Hutu) & Bembe (Abuluka Hehe)

Zulu (Multi Ch. Abuluka Ditamba) & Kongo (Abuluka Fongoro)

Abuluka Cabidi - Kimba waiting for the snow to fall.


A. Cashidi & A. Fuliru: 3 BIS Brace - Klassic's Abuluka Lele: 5 BIS Youth in Kortrijk 2008

Photo's with the courtesy of Norbert Stevens


Venise (Boxing Helena's Gala de Dia); BOB in Kortrijk 2008


International & National Show in Dortmund - October 2008

(1)Abuluka Ditamba (Zulu) BOB & Bundessieger, (2,3,4) Abuluka BIS Breed Group day 1, (5,6) Abuluka BIS Breed Group day 2


Recent photo's of Abuluka Foodo (Bronco) from Germany. Bronco loves horseback riding and running in the forest with Becci.

From all sides they look alike

Abuluka Disanka, Abuluka Fuliru, Abuluka Fongoro & Abuluka Ditamba


Arno with Ebony at his departure to Curacao

on June the 13th 2008.

We'll miss you but will never forget neither one of you.

Friends are like stars, you don't always see them but they are out there ...


The 4 different Basenji colours

BOB and BOS at Saarbrücken 2008

Ch C-Quest's Echo of Eldorado & Mutabaruga's Get Up Stand Up

Noel Baaser, judge Lisbeth Mach (CH) & Margot Speybrouck



Antwerpen BIS Breed Group  -  Saarbrücken BIS Breed Group  -  Saarbrücken BIS Brace


Zulu & Kongo        Abuluka Godogodo - Gobi


Salons Abuluka


Abuluka's Cabidi (Kimba) at home in Germany


Abuluka's Fungom (Mo) at home in the Netherlands

Abuluka's Cabidi (Kimba)

Abuluka's Eket (Ebony)

Abuluka's Fuga (Vegas)


Photo's of Abuluka's Furu (Nimbus) and roommate Fantus


Abuluka's Ditamba (Zulu) & Abuluka's Fongoro (Kongo)        Abuluka's Fungom (Mo) in his new home



The heat is on


Bantoo, Chagga, Kara & Ebony at the coast          Best Group in show                 

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                                                         What's going on here?      It's a dogs life.              They can do this even standing up.

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This tastes so good!                Sweet dreams.

DSCN1893_WEB.jpg (161858 bytes)                   CONGO close profiel_WEB.jpg (205468 bytes)                    photo (1) Copy (18).jpg (295731 bytes)

                                                                Close - up Masai                      Profile Congo                     The queen of Sheba

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Closer - up Masai            A day at the coast

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Congo HELP!!!!

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                                                                The gang on 02/01/2004                          First you look to the right and then to the left


A walk in the snow


Close-up Bantoo               Close-up Louna


April 2004 in the sun

May 2004 trio on the table


                                         August 2004 a walk in the dunes                                                     Basenji's love water (from a distance)


Close-up Bantoo                Close-up Louna                                            A rest after a long walk                        


They didn't see this one coming


Noel Baaser (Mutabaruga Basenji's) showing Bantoo during the club match of the German Basenji Club


Bantoo during the club match of the Basenji club Netherlands

Masai's son KIMBA (Abuluka's Cabidi)


Or we find warmth with each other or we find the warmth of the fireplace.


Masai is not getting any skinnier. After the birth we will have again a lot of work to get her back into her 'taille mannequin'.

And Christina Aguilera sings  "I'm Beautiful (no matter what they say)" !!!!


"Aunt" LOUNA with the pups, seldom seen such a good foster mother.


"Uncle" BANTOO with the pups, playing and fighting, what more can one wish for.


Mother MASAI, I'm sick and tired of it. go away, leave me alone!!!


Now it's up to us, alone. Who dares to say were not quiet!!!


                             As of now I belong with the grownups.                      7 almost on 1 line.                               Again well protected by Louna.


    I know nothing                  Lunda with Louna               Zulu with mama              Bantoo & Louna


Playful,                                        tired,                                      curious                                                and most of all sun lovers          


Julia & Benjamin visiting the  puppies of the D-litter and they immediately fell in love with them .


Lunda  half April 2005  -  4,5  months  old.


                                                                                Chagga  3,5 months old                                      A carpet of dogs         Chagga in a flower pot.