Lure Coursing 2011-10-02

First of all we wish to thank Tom & Anne-Mie for inviting us to this great afternoon of fun & sun.


The participants:


Abuluka Jenge, Ch. Abuluka Herero & Abuluka Jambassa


Top: Abuluka Jaya

Below: Ch. Abuluka Gobu & Ango Angari Tami's Tamtamy


The ladies Abuluka Ittu & Abuluka Ikuzu


The Cirneco dell'Etna puppies

Abuluka Karmella & Abuluka Korleone


Dumpty, the Cocker Spaniel



Our little Cirneco dell'Etna puppies were the first to train in a strait line af about 75m.

Abuluka Korleone & Abuluka Karmella really loved it and did hunt the 'rabbit' so well.



Here we have Ango, Flying to catch the rabbit.


Our dynamic duo, Abuluka Ikuzu & Abuluka Ittu taking the curve at full speed


To finish in the strait line


Dumpty, the Cocker Spaniel of Stephanie was also present



Dumpy deceided that a good sportsman needs a shower after a race

And he gave Stephanie a shower too.


Gobu, Ango & Jaya, three in a row.



The puppies in action.