When dogs don't go to heaven, I will, when my time has come, go to where they are.


Masai - Mutabaruga's Burning Spear





Masai was our first Basenji. She was long awaited and she made us so happy.

She came to us from Breeder Noel Baaser in Germany.

In less than 6 months Masai managed to become the leader of the pack over 4 different dogs.

You gave us so many fine memories and will never be forgotten.

You out lived several of your kids

Sweet Masai, you have taken such a big place in our heart it will never be the same again.








King was little over 8 months old when we rescued him from the Antwerp asylum on 1996-05-20.

He came home with us, so happy to be able to play in the garden with his ball and with our other dogs.

He left us with immense pain in our hearts and we miss him terribly.

Rest well my dear friend, go play without pain with the ones who lead you the way across the bridge.



Ch. Abuluka Cabedi (Bantoo)




Farewell my beloved friend.

You were our first born and will always have a special place in our hearts.

You touched the hearts of so many people and will be missed by everyone.





Snoepie was our second dog. He was a rescue dog about 1 year old when we got him from the asylum.

He was a present for our daughter Kim who wanted a small dog so badly.

Rest in peace my old friend now the pain has gone.






Pluche was our very first dog.

We rescued him from a hairdresser who wanted to kill him and get him stuffed for his salon because he was way to lively for his fancy customers!

He was only 4 months old when he came to live with us.

He was the sweetest dog you can imagine. He was our doughters best friend and lived to the nice age of 13 years.

My dearest friend, know that you allways be in my heart.

Rest well my old pal.